Monday, March 8, 2010

The Meeting of the Haskells

Saturday our family of 4 (still surprises me to say that) loaded up and made the trip to see all of my grandparents. We had not been to see any of them since Toby was born so this was the perfect opportunity to do so. We started out at the farm where my dad's parents (Honey & Papaw) live. We had show and tell and then a great lunch which included Honey's wonderful rolls and cinnamon rolls! Yum. I didn't even have to twist Honey's arm to get a picture of the great-grandkids with them. :)

Then we set off to my the home of my mother's parents (Meme & Papaw) where there was a baby shower in honor of Baby Lila and Baby Caleb. This was Toby's first introduction to his namesake: Haskell David. I think Papaw was really pleased that we named our son Toby Haskell. He said "now there's two Haskells" and got teary-eyed when introducing Toby to the other family members. Our entire family has been blessed by the Godly man Papaw is and the heritage he has given our family.

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