Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Fine Dining at Chez Gathright

Thanks to my two Gathright sisters-in-law Curt and I were able to have a beautiful dinner a couple nights ago. Our table looked so pretty with my Johnson Bros china that the gals have been helping me collect!

I made a new recipe from the Taste of Home cookbook (courtesy of Lisa Lynn, for my birthday). We had Chicken Wellington which is basically a pan-seared fillet of chicken then baked in a pie pastry. Yum yum. Dinner ambiance would not be complete without lit candles, fancy salad (in the plastic-ware) and baby in the bouncy seat! Molly had been next to us in her high chair but she was long gone by the time our plates were clean.

Repetition in a must in child-rearing. Each night before dinner we grab Molly's hands and prayer for our food. Tonight she actually put her hands out for prayer (yes, they were already dirty) before we had even started! And we're always rewarded with a beautiful smile afterward. We're still working with her to say "Amen" at the end of the prayer.


  1. Love this story! Especially the part about the prayer...train up a child in the way she should go =)

  2. Keeping the romance alive however you can!!
    I love that Molly put her hands out first!!