Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Just a Tuesday

Today was a day mostly at home. Well, we did get out and pick up some much needed groceries & a trip to the credit union. This afternoon, however, was spent doing one of my all-time favorite things: Organizing! It was, once again, time to go through the kids' clothing. Hmm, do you move Winter things completely out? Will she still be able to wear some of them in the Fall? What to do? Well, we left some and moved some.

No matter what happened with the clothing, the kids were kept very entertained. Molly loved playing in Toby's bed (i.e., the pack-n-play) and Toby enjoyed a bit of tummy time. Molly has often been toting around a bag or container. Today, I put a hat on her head while she was playing and was then so surprised that she left it on for quite some time (now if she'll keep one on when we're out in the sun).