Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Camcorder Blessings!

Everyone in my family knows that we have misplaced our Canon Camcorder. We bought this camcorder back in 2008 right about the time Molly was born, knowing we would want to take videos as she (and subsequent children) grew. Over the past 18 months we haven't actually used the camera as much as we thought we would but we have enjoyed having it and we've already enjoyed looking at the videos we've taken to date.

Curt & I know we took the camcorder with us on our Babymoon #2 to Eureka Springs last Nov 09. We also know we got home with the camcorder. After that we can't tell you what happened to it. Did we leave it at someone's home? Did someone swipe it as we were selling our home? Did it get packed up in the move? We have not found it yet. I'm convinced it will show up someday when I least expect it and yet I don't really expect that to happen. I'm quite appalled that we have misplaced such an expensive item--I don't lose things! "There's a place for everything and everything should be in it's place" is my motto. HOW COULD WE LOSE A CAMCORDER?!!!

When we bought the camcorder we bought 2 4G SD memory cards to go with it. So there has been a 2nd SD card in the office ever since we got the camcorder. It just occurred to me last night to check the SD card and see if there was any video on it. Curt checked it out for me tonight--would you believe it has all the videos we've taken up through Oct 09? That means we have ALL the videos from Molly's birth till just before we misplaced the camcorder. What a blessing! So, even though we've lost the camcorder (yes, I'm admitting it's probably lost) we haven't lost any of the memories we've captured on it. Yeah!!! Just one more way God blesses us in small ways. God is good--all the time! How's that for seeing the silver lining behind the cloud.

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