Sunday, January 24, 2010

A New Chapter Begins

Yes, a new chapter has begun in our family. My parents have moved to Taiwan for the next 3 years. We sent them off on a jet plane Saturday at 1:00 pm and they just now (Sunday evening, 9:30 pm) arrived in Taiwan. That's a LONG time to be traveling.

Now we will be communicating with them in a slightly different fashion than we have. It's been 15 years since they lived overseas (Africa, then) and I have become very spoiled to having them physically here. It's no wonder that airports still make me melancholy. Airports have been the location for many goodbyes. I've said goodbye to grandparents and then later to my parents and siblings as I left for boarding school, then said the same goodbye when they left me at college. Now they leave me, a grown woman with a husband, daughter, and pregnant with another little one.

Fifteen years ago communicating with anyone in Africa was a letter that took 2 weeks to get delivered, or a phone call costing about $1/minute (and even then it wasn't guaranteed to get connected). The use of email had just begun but wasn't used regularly. How things have changed since then! Now we have rampant internet and email use, not to mention Skype, Blogging, Vonage and Facebook. Isn't technology great?!!! My daughter will keep up with her Baba and Amai much better than I kept up with Meme and Papaw 20 years ago!

Hopefully Mom and Dad, Molly, and Baby G2.0 will benefit from this blog. My desire is to keep Mom and Dad in the loop with the daily things that occur in our family. We'll have to wait and see how successful I am at the endeavor.

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