Thursday, January 28, 2010

Brrr...Oklahoma Weather

Only in Oklahoma. We were in the 60s yesterday and today it's in the 20s with freezing rain. Crazy. The weathermen says it only going to get worse today and tomorrow. Ice and snow, with the possibility of power outages. Ugh! After spending a couple hours yesterday cleaning out the garage and the backyard (I hadn't done anything to the backyard since we moved into this house in Dec.) today is going to spent in doors. I'm so thankful to be in a place where I can do just that--hibernate in my little den!

One of the things I did yesterday was mend Curt's khaki pants. The process reminded me of a couple things my Mom taught me that I am very grateful for. One, my Mom taught me how to do some basic sewing on (and off) the sewing machine. Over the years it has been so useful to know how to do some basic fixes. Not only can I mend Curt's pants but I have been able to alter my pants and shirts. I've taken in seams, notched the waist in, hemmed, etc. Granted, they have been very simple fixes but I've been able to do them because my Momma taught me to sew.

The second thing that yesterday's mending reminded me about was/is the way my Mom has taught me to take good care of my things. She never verbally said this but she exhibited this in her day-to-day activities. Point in case: The last one to use my sewing machine was Mom. She hemmed some pants while she and Dad stayed with our family the past couple of weeks. When she put the machine away she had the cord wrapped up so nicely. That's just what she does. It seems like a silly thing, but Mom has always been very neat with cords. (Family, do you remember the velcro tie things she got for our cords a couple years ago in our Christmas stocking?) It's not just cords, though. I have watched Mom work hard to keep her carpets spot-cleaned, junk drawers neat, and even paint supplies well-cleaned. Seriously, why toss paint rollers when just a little bit of elbow-grease makes them useable again. And paint trays--there's really no reason there should be leftover paint from last year's project dried on it. Just a little elbow grease and there you go.

I don't mean to leave Dad out of this musing. Dad has similar traits. My Dad has always worked hard to keep the garage tidied and taken good care of his lawn equipment, cars, and homes. It's the same type of thing. Thanks Mom and Dad for consistently showing me how to be a good steward of the things God has so graciously provided for me. I hope that one day my children can same the same thing about me.

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