Sunday, April 25, 2010

Spring arrives...on our porch

This past week we have spent some time on the front porch. We've worked on making our porch inviting by painting and adding some decor (another post in the making). God's creation has been adding her own beauty to our porch, specifically to the Boston fern we have on a hook.

On Friday Molly, Toby & I were watering our ferns when we found Mrs. "Robin") had a perfect little nest built in one of the ferns. Note, two eggs...

On Saturday, we were loading up the car to leave for Dallas. I told my Hubby that I wanted to check to make sure the eggs were still ok. Mrs. Robin had added a surprise to the nest...

Sunday night. We got home from Dallas later than expected. After getting the kids put in bed I decided to check on the eggs once again. I gently tapped on the hanging basket so Mrs. Robin wouldn't be surprised by my interruption. Upon taking the fern down again, we were surprised to find Mrs. Robin has been very industrious. Now there are FOUR!

Isn't it so neat to see God's handiwork displayed in the Spring greens, gentle (and not-so-gentle) rains, and in the new life around us--babies, calves, colts and robin eggs?


  1. Oh, this is so awesome! God is amazing in His creation.

  2. How beautiful ... I love robin eggs!!